YoMagic Automatic
Yogurt Maker 


The legend reborn!

Plain or flavored, yogurt is packed full of friendly probiotics, calcium, vitamin D and high in protein for the perfect anytime food to enjoy alone, with granola or in your morning smoothie. Yogurt is also a great ingredient for delicious and moist baked goods, as a secret ingredient to marinades for meat and poultry, and also the perfect for soups, sauces or as a healthy replacement for sour cream.

With an innovative air tight ceramic inner container and our patented water bath system, the YoMagic Yogurt Maker will make consistently delicious yogurt every time without ever touching any kind of plastics! Take back control of the foods you eat by making your own delicious homemade yogurt without the added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavoring or thickeners of store bought yogurt. All at half the price of ready to eat store bought yogurt!  


  • Patented "water bath" system for even heating 
  • Digital Timer
  • Will make 1 quart/liter
  • Air tight ceramic inner container
  • Control how your yogurt is made and what goes in your yogurt
  • Save — make homemade yogurt at half the price of store bought yogurt
  • Think green — reduce the plastic containers from store bought yogurt
  • Full instruction manual
  • One year manufacturer's guarantee